Volunteer Program

The African American Cultural Center welcomes and encourages volunteer service and support.  There are numerous ways in which this can be achieved including:

1.  assisting with regular and special events
2.  assisting with administrative needs
3.  aiding in community outreach
4.  promoting the Center and its events and projects
5.  serving in the Ujima Kwanzaa Collective to help coordinate our city-wide Kwanzaa celebrations
6.  offering computer services in various areas
7.  working with our male/female rites of passage programs (Majando)
8.  working with the Limbiko Tembo School of African American Culture as teachers, mentors, etc.
9.  conducting fundraisers for the Center
10. inviting speakers from the Center for schools, churches, mosques, temples, universities and other institutions to present lectures or conduct workshops on Kwanzaa, history, culture and other topics.