Karibuni (Welcome All).

You have found your family and a peaceful place and we wish for you blessings without number and all good things without end. And we bear witness as an African people that as our beginning was great and good, so shall our development be, if we dare struggle, speak truth, do justice and walk I the way of rightness.


Hotep, Ase. Heri.

Please join us in this good and peaceful space, this valuable and vital project. Become a member of the AACC and an honored participant in the good we bring and increase in this city and the world.

Membership Levels:
Student          $20
Adult               $30
Family             $72
Supporter      $100
Sustainer        $300
Patron             $500
Benefactor     $1,000

Benefits (depending upon level)

1.  Exclusive invitations to members-only receptions, meetings with distinguished guests, workshops, and film screenings.
2.  Discount in the Kawaida Gift Shop
3.  Harambee News and Notes Quarterly
4.  The joy of giving and supporting a vital, long-standing and productive institution.


Check for details with our office.