Financial Donations

It is written in the sacred texts of our ancestors, the Husia of ancient Egypt, that “we are blessed with wealth so that we can do good with it.”  Moreover, it says, “Doing good is not difficult. And just speaking good is a monument for those who do it.  Indeed, those who do good for others are also doing it for themselves?”   For they are building the good world we all want and deserve to live in and leave as a legacy for those who come after us.

Thus, when  you support the African American Cultural Center-LA, you aid in expanding good in the world by aiding the Center in preserving and promoting African culture in its providing space and support for our various continuing and new programs and initiatives for bringing good in the world.

Specifically, your donations aid in maintaining and expanding our programs, including our educational programs, rites of passage programs, independent school, the Limbiko Tembo School of African American Culture, Mateka (Prisoners) program, Ujamaa Greening Cooperative, and our Pan-African initiatives.

Your gift is special. Your support invaluable. Give today and whenever possible.